Flat Fee Real Estate Brokers

Why pay a huge commission to real estate agents to sell your house when you can save thousands using a flat fee real estate broker.

A  flat fee real estate broker is a realtor who accepts a flat fee for selling properties rather than a percentage of the sale for the listing side of the transaction. There is a difference between flat fee real estate brokers and agents. The major difference between the two titles is a flat fee broker can work on his own, while and a flat fee agent must work under a registered broker and share the fee with their broker.

The best Flat fee Brokers offer sellers the ability to list their properties on a “Multiple Listing Service,” which is used by real estate agents to get list homes for sell and offer buyers agents a portion of the sale if they bring a buyer. And provide a Flat Fee Agent that will help handle the process of selling your house. Do you want to save thousands of dollars avoiding the traditional 6% commission rate? Do you think the traditional 6% commission for agents is just too much for selling your house, would like to keep 3-5% more of your homes equity when you sell? Then a Flat Fee Real Estate Broker might be the best choice for you.”